Tropical fashion essentials

If you are planning for a sweet getaway to a tropical paradise, it could be Indonesia or Thailand or Maldives or Port Dickson even, I would say linen clothes are truly it. Majority of the clothes i brought to Bali were linen and i reckon, it is one of the best decisions i made. I simply love the fabric. Something about linen that looks great in photos. White linen to be precise. It goes so well with the greens, don’t you think?


I am wearing the Blanc set from Soleil. I love the wrap top a little too much. You could pair it up with anything, really. From high waisted jeans to high waisted skirts. The thing about fashion is that it knows no boundaries. I mean, look at the fashion runway these days. You’ll see a person walking down the runway with a towel or a mattress, hey apparently that’s fashion. Literally, no boundaries.

Okay, off-shoulder and linen. Name a better duo! I’ll wait… I love off shoulders. It shows a little bit of skin but not too much; just enough to show your tanned or in my case, burnt shoulders. I do not remember not having any off shoulders with me when i am on my vacation.

IMG_3423.JPGI am wearing the Uluwatu dress in Ocean from Soleil. The colour is soft and delicate and there is a hint of sweetness to it. ( I watch too much cooking channel). It transforms the wearer into a very soft delicate feminine lady. I just think the dress is perfect for a tropical or European getaway. I could imagine strolling down the streets of Italy and eating pizzas and pastas in this beautiful dress while i surreptitiously hope that i do not stain it.

Speaking of off shoulders, this is the Uluwatu dress in stripes. However, it is cotton. But i still love it nonetheless.


Let’s not forget the Orked bag from Soleil. My love for the bag is an understatement. It is my go-to bag for now. It is classic and chic and it blends well with my dresses. I had a lot of people asking where they could get the bag, newsflash my loves, you can get it from Soleil.


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