Travelling is a privilege.

What is it about travelling that is so addictive that we constantly find ourselves itching for it one after another? I am sure, everyone has their own way of travelling and one should not be supercilious about it. But this time, i am not talking about the kind of travelling where you would thrust every possible attractions into a one or two-day schedule. Nor am i talking about the kind where you would spend most of your hours in designer stores. Nothing wrong with that.

Just, i am specifically talking about the kind of travelling where you are able to inhale a few deep breaths and take a moment to savour every inch of your presence; the kind of travelling where you would ditch your google map and wander endlessly into the unknown and find yourself getting lost and straying off the beaten path; the kind of travelling where you could sit by the lake or even a coffee shop for hours while you watch the world passes you by; the kind of travelling where you would jump from the highest cliff, or climb the highest mountains to witness the beauty from the clouds; the kind of travelling where you would come across locals or people from all corners of the world to exchange knowledge and experience; the kind of travelling where you are able to meet strangers who would either touch or graze your soul; and also, the kind of travelling where you are able to dip your toes into the sand, and feel the crashes of waves on your feet and salt in your hair with the most beautiful golden sky you have ever seen that leaves your mouth agape; the kind of travelling where you are able to bring home not just a bunch of souvenirs or photographs but also, lessons, values and stories to share.

Despite feeling against it, unfortunately, travelling is a privilege we must acknowledge. Fact is, not everyone is able to travel. It could be due to money, family obligations or plentiful of other life commitments. Not everyone is able to just book the flight ticket to somewhere magical just because they feel like it. While some are able to put aside some money from their salaries for future travels, some could only dream about saving. Although, i do wish for everyone to be able to travel so that they could witness god’s majestic creations as well as the destructions; to be able to witness the views and the architecture that stood long before we even existed and be reminded about all of its grandeur and glory back in those days to humble ourselves and to be reminded of how awfully minuscule we are — the fallen heroes, the life of innocents and all of its antics; to witness the aftermath of war and sufferings and the cruelty so profound and see the untoward recurrence; to experience what is it like to be a minority and unwanted in another’s land so perhaps, you could emphatise with the plight and sufferings of the minorities in ours. Not that we need to travel to do so but when you feel it in your bones, you could perhaps jolt your conscience a little.

Even so, not everyone travels with their eyes open. Nevertheless, travelling is a privilege and those who are able should do their parts to make the world a better place – to educate and to share your experience and knowledge instead of constantly ridicule those who know little. We already have enough hate in the world as it is, so let’s not add more to it.

Simply a girl who finds joy in writing, traveling and designing.

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