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Tokyo 5-day Itinerary

For those who have been asking for this, here is my itinerary. I hope this could help you plan a wonderful and amazing trip to Japan!


Day 1 – Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara

  • Start at Kaminarimon Gate early in the morning to avoid crowd.
  • Stroll along 200 meter of Nakamise Dori for street food and souvenirs.
  • You could easily see the Sensoji Temple. It is the oldest temple in Japan and truly, a beautiful one. Explore the temple for about an hour.


  1. Kibi dango ( Japanese dumplings made from millet and mochi rice flour)
  2. Fried Mochi coated with tempura batter and fried.
  3. Sweet Potato
  4. Sweet Potato Ice Cream
  5. Age Manju at Kokonoe – soft mochi with sweet red bean paste
  • Walk to Asakusa station and take Ginza Line to Ueno station.
  • Walk to Ueno Park. It is an immense park next to Ueno Station. It was beautiful during autumn and it is one of Tokyo’s most popular park during cherry blossom season. The park has a few activities you could do [ The National Museum, shrines and temples, National Science Museum, The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno Zoo, etc]
  • You can have late lunch at the Ameyoko Shopping Street. It is full of shops, restaurants, kebab stores and little cafes.
  • If you still have the energy, you could walk to Akihabara [1 km walk] for electronic shops.
  • Go back to the hotel and rest. At night, perhaps, you could find dinner around the hotel area or simply, buy something from the convenience store or the vending machines for cheaper options. Bear in mind that dining in Tokyo can be quite pricey.

Day 2 – Tsukiji Market, Harajuku and Shibuya 

  • Go really early to Tsukiji Market for fresh seafood – think of fresh sashimi and sushi! It is the world’s largest fish market. It is where the tuna auction happens.
  • From Tsukiji Market, walk to Tsukiji Station and take train to Meiji-jinguemae (Harajuku).
  • From the Harajuku station, walk to Meiji-jingu.
  • The massive torii gate is the entrance and it is a beautiful sight. Take a stroll towards the Meiji Jingu Shrine.
  • When you are done, head to Takeshita Dori street for lunch(opposite of Harajuku Station). I must say, it is one of the liveliest streets in Tokyo! It is lined by many trendy shops, fashion boutiques, crepe stands and some fast food outlets. The crepes are so good! The cotton candy is from Totti Factory.
  • Walk to Omotesando. Have coffee or something at one of their cafes. Go to Tokyu Omotesando. 
  • When the sun is down, walk to Shibuya.
  • Go to the Hachiko Statue, Shibuya Crossing, Spain Slope.
  • You can visit Center Gai when it is dark. Perhaps, you could go karaoke or just sit at the bar listening to a good live music or something.
  • Otherwise, you can have dinner at Genki Sushi for a conveyor belt experience . It is cheap and quick.


  • Have breakfast at Tokyo Station. You can go to Kitchen Steret.
  • Walk to Marunochi. It is akin to NYC’s fifth avenue — surrounded by tall buildings and men in suit.
  • Walk towards the Imperial Palace.
  • Take a train to Shinjuku.
  • Go to Omoide Yokocho for food (also known as Piss alley). It is beautiful when the sun is down.
  • Go to Golden Gai for restaurants and bars.

Day 4 – Disneyland or Disneysea, or Odaiba.

  • You can go to Disneysea. I did not get the chance to go there but Disneysea is only available in Japan. Thus, do not miss that out? If you are not interested in the rides, you can always hang around there. It’s beautiful, really.
  • Otherwise, take a trip to Odaiba?
  • In our case, we went to Shibuya, again.

Day 5 – Go for a daytrip!

  • You can visit Hakone/Mount Fuji, Niko or Kanazawa!
  • Activate your JR pass, get on the bullet train and you are good to go!











Photos are taken by my talented brother, Haqim

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