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The Wedding Day ( Sara x Faris)

It has been almost two months since the wedding day and often, I would still wake up in the morning and forget that I have a man who is also my husband sleeping next to me. With everything that is happening in this world, the covid-19, predominantly, I find it a blessing that I get to go through this peculiar time with my best friend next to me to annoy me with his every fibre of his being for every second of the day. Marriage has been wonderful. 🙂

1st February 2020 was the day we settled on (because my husband thought it would be a brilliant idea to match our wedding date with his car’s plate number and his initials, FI. Romantic) We had checked into our separate hotels the day before. I had opted for The Ruma because of its beautiful aesthetics whilst overlooking the magnifique twins and my husband had opted for the Renaissance for the sake of practicality. That morning, I felt a knot in my stomach but I had no time give a thought about it. Everything happened almost instantly. The henna artist I had hired arrived at 6 in the morning, and then an hour later, the make-up artist as well as the hairstylist, the photographer and the videographers arrived alongside my best friends and as I was sitting on the chair overlooking the view getting all dolled up, it had struck me deeply that it was my wedding day. It still felt unrealistic.

It took the make-up artist two hours to create his magic and once he was done, we were ready to leave the hotel for the solemnisation. The plan was for me to drive all the way to the hall (Bayswater, KLCC) but my friends thought i was crazy. In my defence, no one had the guts to drive the car i was driving. I finally conceded defeat and hopped into my friend’s car with my bridesmaid and best friends with me. The moment i arrived and seeing everyone was seated and waiting, i felt my knees weakened i wanted to run away. As i was waiting in the waiting room, i caught a glimpse of my future husband standing in front of the entrance from the door and thought, how lucky i was so tak jadi lari.

My brother thought it would be funny to caption this “Crying because it is an arranged marriage”

The moment i walked down the aisle, all eyes were set on me and i could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I held Ara’s hands and did not want to let go. Despite not wanting to initially, mom sat next to me and everything felt better and natural. Mom and i were busy conversing on stage that one of my aunts signalled us to shush and we just laughed and laughed until she began to sob next to me. Seeing my father struggling to utter the words shattered my heart into pieces.

Right after the ceremony ended, we mingled around with our guests and i had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for our reception.

My reception was all i imagined it to be, surrounded by only familiar faces, and the food and the music that i chose were complimented by many. Most of my guests are above 50, perks of being close to all of your dad’s friends more than my own. And since we have got nothing much to offer, we made sure that our guests were spoiled with myriads of food choices. I wanted my reception to be as casual as it could be, i wanted to see my guests mingle around with each other and despite only inviting only 300 people (175 from each side), the hall was thronged with people up until the end. It was such a blessing to be able to be reunited again with my loved ones and being able to meet new faces.

I am so grateful for all of my friends and families who have been there to make sure that i would walk down the aisle as decent as i can possibly be, Ara, my bridesmaid for being the best bridesmaid that anyone could wish for; Fana, my best friend that had made sure i had all i needed on that day including a plaster for my blisters, my designer, Kashfi who had made sure i had something beautiful to wear on my wedding day and honoured us with his visit and sang us a song on that day, and everyone else, you know who you are. I feel so so loved.

The photographs are taken by the most talented @jasmn.a (more to come soon) and the dresses are by my other talented superhero @kashfizulkufli.

Wedding planner : Weddings by Emma, Makeup artist : Syed Faizal Syed Noh ; Hairstylist : Amy Nadia ; Videographer : Illusionist

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