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The ‘Honeymoon Phase’

What is the ‘Honeymoon Stage’ one might ask? It is that very phase where everything about your relationship seems rather immaculate. You are the girl of his dreams and he is the man of yours. Every time his name appears on your screen, you could feel your stomach flutters with myriads of butterflies. Both excitement and the sense of disquietude felted into one fabric. Every time he smiles, you could feel your heart thumping in your chest. It was all too familiar. Just like in the movies, you see the girl grinning from ear to ear every time she gets back from a date with the man. Every date feels like it –you are living in your own romance movie. Everything he does simply amuses you. You cherish every moment, especially every ‘first’ moment both of you share with one another. First ‘I love you’, first ‘fight’. He would be the gentleman that he is and you would often, surreptitiously, feel underserving of his gallantry. Often, questioning yourself it it’s all too good to be true. Blissful. No arguments. The sky is blue, the leaves are green. The only thing that concerns you is the time you are not with him.  

But the honeymoon phase, unfortunately, would only last for six months to a year. Comes a time where you have done almost everything together, nothing new and sometimes, you might feel the relationship has come to be utterly mundane. Comes a time where he would not surprise you with balloons and ice creams anymore or some unexpected gifts like he once did. Comes a time where you would feel absolutely comfortable with him that you no longer find the need to doll up and be pretty all the time. You’ll find yourself in your sweatpants, hair bunned up. Comes a time where you are entirely blunt – you are unafraid to share your unreserved opinions. You no longer go on fancy dates as much as before –the ones that require you to dress up. You are you. Comes a time where both of you would argue so much that you begin to question if this is love. You would argue about where to eat and a million of other things only because you are close enough to be honest about what irks you most. You can no longer pretend that the world is pink and filled with unicorns.

But here is the thing, once the honeymoon phase is over, the real you are standing before him and likewise. From that moment on, you’ll get to decide if this person is the person that you can accept, if his flaws are bearable. You must not mourn for the death of your honeymoon period. If you feel your relationship has becoming rather tedious, there are multitudes of ways where you could both ensure that the spark is kept alive. If you crave for the honeymoon phase and get upset once it’s over and choose to abandon your relationship for it, I am sorry to break it to you but all of your future relationships would be just the same. Once the phase is over, you have the splendid opportunity to discover or develop real love. See, real love is not always rainbows and butterflies, some days, you really want to smother his face with a pillow but as long as you both love each other, there isn’t a squabble you can’t endure. You’ll realise, it’s just a process of getting to know each other, the real you.  And the best part is, to know that you’ve finally found someone who loves you in its entirety. The honeymoon you, the hungry you, the messy you. That’s when you know, you have finally found the one.

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