The Art of Layering

Living in a tropical country, there are days where the heat is just too unbearable for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even stand wearing long sleeves under scorching weather and I will always resort to t-shirts or camisoles and jeans or skirts or simply, midi dresses. And truthfully, I am always fascinated with how our stunning hijabis are dressed under this heat. Layer over layer and still be able to look trés chic while I on the other hand, will look like a Hasselback potato. It is something I have yet to master. The art of layering.

Recently, I came across these stylish modest dressers that truly inspire me to dress modestly and an article from whowhatwear. Speaking of dressing modestly, it is a work in progress and a challenge for me. It will be much easier if you ship me off to a cold country. With my new brand coming up, and as a result from listening to loyal and future customers, I try my best to incorporate pieces that are modest this time. And there are also some who insisted that I should keep on designing dresses for beach getaways which, I am definitely working on that too! I am so excited to share my upcoming collection with you that will be released sometime in July due to the holiday celebrations that had expectedly delayed my production a little. Hey, not that I am complaining. Most importantly, I hear you and don’t fret, the prices are very affordable too. If you have any advices and questions for me, feel free to approach me on twitter or Instagram or email. . Let me know what kind of piece you are looking to have, or anything really.

Here are some tips that I have learned so far from those three modest dresses I mentioned before: Maria Alia, Fatima Abdallah and Sally Ashour.


Light layering is your true friend

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 4.12.26 PM.png

Photo : @mariaalia

Photo : @mariaalia

You can wear sleeves tops and dresses or a neck tank underneath a light button down. It looks comfy though. And you could perhaps, layer up with this top from @Limone_thelabel for an effortlessly chic look.


IMG_6446 copy.jpgIMG_6399-5 copy.jpg

Another light layering you could go for :  summer jackets.

Women's Fringe Mirror Jacket by Beyond Proper.

“It can be a little challenging dressing modestly in the summer, especially if you’re Floridian and its 100 degrees outside, but of course, I never let the weather stop me from dressing how I want. Avoid layering so much, skip the tank top underneath your clothing or the extra sleeves you might not need. I find it warmer if I add a thin cardigan or jacket over a short sleeve shirt/ dress rather than having sleeves underneath.” —Sally Ashour

Midi and Maxi Dresses should be your closet’s best friends 

Photo by @Mariaalia

“For a modest girl like myself, nothing beats a flowy long dress in the summertime. It’s by far the easiest look to pull together, but securing the right dress with a high neck, long sleeves, and no slit? Almost impossible. For the dresses that don’t quite check all of these boxes, I improvise with light layers- like a sleeveless midi dress layered under a wrap dress or coordinating leggings for shorter hemlines. The key is to keep layering monochromatic. If you’re like me and your style is less than super feminine, my favorite way to style summer dresses is with a pair of sneakers. It instantly adds an air of casual cool.” —Maria Alia

Photo by @Sallyomo

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Photo by @Mariaalia

Honestly, what could go wrong with wearing maxi dresses or midi dresses? The flowy ones are truly my favourite alongside wrap dresses. Wrap dresses are truly a fashion staple.

Wear Bright or Light Colours

“Light colors reflect heat from the sun and therefore keep you feeling cool when it’s hot outside. It’s also known that the looser your clothes are, the more comfortable you’ll feel in the heat. So a flowy pair of pants, will not only maintain your modesty but keep you cooler than a pair of tights or shorts will.” —Fatima Abdallah

Currently, i am obsessed with Meadowlark and Periwinkle blue.
Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - meadowlark, Yellow Wide-Leg Pants //
Images by @notjessfashion

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