Spontaneity isn’t really my thing…

I wish i was more spontaneous of a person. The kind who would say, “Fuck it, let’s do it!” to almost every absurd plan there is. Yes, let’s drive up to Genting Highlands at 3 am for no bloody reason besides boredom. Yes, let’s book a flight to Europe and not care about accommodations because fuck it, that will be fun, innit? Yes, let’s just drive aimlessly in the midst of the night because hey, why not? What is sleep anyway? But unfortunately, i am just not that type of person. I get oddly fidgety when i am driving without a destination in mind. I hate not knowing what is next or what is awaiting me. What’s going to happen? Where am i going? What’s next? I… can’t…breathe….

It is moments like this, like today where i am reminded that it is alright to make plans — I had this long list of things i wanted to do today but didn’t get the chance to do any of it. But that’s alright i had a whale of a time today with Farrace. From my friend’s wedding in Seremban, we then found ourselves sitting by the slightly contaminated beach, eating these disgustingly raw kerang bakar that attracted a village of hungry flies and sipping coconut water. Oh, and that, we paid RM2 for a 800m climb up the hill only to change our minds after about 100m from the entrance. 800m for a lighthouse? I reckon, I ain’t that spontaneous. And yet, despite everything, it is one of those moments that i will remember eternally. I realise, it is definitely alright to not follow your plans too. There will be unforeseen circumstances that will affect your plans and you are left with no plans again. And all that it takes is just one slight impetuous detour and a simple ‘fuck it’ or simply, a “shut up and just follow me will you?” from your partner and if you are fortunate enough,  you will find yourself having an exciting unplanned day.

And thinking back, I will always remember that moment akin to this — where i was driving with my friend, Iris, in Melbourne and we drove aimlessly and got lost and somehow, we found ourselves at the edge of a cliff overlooking the most stunning view of the sea and a private beach. It is moments like these that make life worth living.

I reckon, if you are just like me, all you need is a partner that will hold your hands and say, “Oh my god you are so annoying can you just relax and shut up, just sit still and follow me.”

I am wearing the Aurora silk dress from @Limone  .Can i just say how wonderful silk dresses are? Sure, they aren’t cheap because hey, it’s silk but from a wedding to an impromptu beach getaway at noon and i did not even sweat for a bit? And i wasn’t even complaining about the heat? Wow?

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