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Solo travel – Sydney ’14

Travelling alone can b­­e terrifying…. especially for women. Rape cases from all over the world have gradually becoming an everyday news just like the weather report. It is unfortunate that we have to live with fear of our own safety. Hoping that the world could be a better place seems far-fetched from where I stand. It is not to say that we will never get there but that bit seems rather obscure. The world needs to educate men and women to keep their genitals in their pants and to respect people despite what they wear; to learn that ‘no’ simply means ‘no’.  In the meantime, while hopefully, everyone else is doing their part, we need to always be vigilant. I often say this, the ‘those things will not happen to me’ mentality could place you in peril and let’s hope that by the time you snap out of that idiosyncratic belief, it’s not too late.

I love doing things on my own; sitting at a restaurant while i sip in my tea, grocery shopping, shopping. I would love to wander around the city all by myself but a part of me could not seem to muster enough guts to do so. I simply do not feel safe in my own country. I have had experience where a guy had followed me back to my house; or having random guys coming to me and thinking it is okay for them to hang around even when I tell them I am not interested; I have had groups of guys looking at me as if I was nothing but a piece of meat regardless of how decent I was wearing. It is awful. I tend to go to Singapore a lot and although, it might be a bit foolish of me to say that it is a safe country because truthfully, no where in this world is entirely safe.. But somehow, I feel safe enough to wander around in that city all by myself. I could say the same about Australia too. I have never had a pinch of worry when I am in those cities.

With that, it reminds me of my solo trip to Sydney in 2014. My first solo trip ever. I had just completed my final paper for my degree and thought I could reward myself. Without giving much thought, I booked a flight ticket to Sydney from Melbourne, a Lion King Musical ticket (LMAO) and the next thing I knew, I remember wheeling two enormous suitcases across the airport. I remember checking into my stupendous suite at Holiday Inn and had a beautiful view of the Harbour Bridge.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI remember wandering around the city with a cup of ice cream in my hand and just soaking in the sun, encircled by the deep blue sea and the majestic blue sky; i remember street performers doing their thing in the background and all i could think about how grateful i was to be living in that moment.




Sydney is undoubtedly beautiful. I wish i had had more time to explore its wonders. When i think of Sydney, i would think of the blue sky that spread majestically before me and the deep blue sea encircling the city.


Sydney Fish Market

FullSizeRender 16.jpgIMG_5533.JPGIMG_5531.JPG

Solo travelling is amazing. You get to know yourself even better, you are left with nothing but your thoughts. You get to unravel a few surprises about yourself that you did not know. You get to know your strengths and weaknesses. And most of all, i could totally vouch for this; it really does help you build enough confidence as you endure this beautiful and yet cruel world. Once upon a time, i was that shy girl who could not look anyone in the eye when i speak; who would hide my face behind my fringe because i had little to no confidence. Being in a foreign country helps me improve myself so much because if you are shy and weak and have no confidence, it does not make your life any easier. The universe will not be kind to you just because you are weak and soft. You are living amongst 7 billion people and my love, you are not that special…except to your parents and sweetheart (which is truly the only people that matter but that’s not the point).

Until then, i can’t wait to go back to Sydney but this time, with a companion because how else am i going to have great photographs?

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