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Skincare Products That I Currently Love ( Dry Skin)

I have absolutely no clue why I bother writing this post. I am the last person you should listen to when it comes to skincare and makeup products. Simply because I am not qualified to give out any advices. And I am somewhat blessed with non-problematic skin that does not flare up when a product doesn’t suit my skin and for that, no one should listen to me. Ever.

A little info : I have a dry combination skin. I try to include more hydrating and moisturising products in my skincare routine. Prior to this routine, I realised how awfully flaky my skin gets and how it becomes more horrifyingly conspicuous when I apply makeup. Patchy makeup and I were besties. So, these are the products that I have used and loved and will continue to love for as long as I could afford or until I could find something I could love even more.

1# La Mer Treatment Lotion

I know, you probably had me at La Mer. But honestly, I tried to live without it for a few months when I emptied my first bottle but somehow, my dry skin loves this too much. Without it, my skin feels like the surface of Sahara dessert. Without it, I am only a smile away from an epidermal earthquake. I use this as a toner in the morning everyday right after cleansing my skin and it does go hand in hand with the glowy makeup look that I go for . I find it incredibly hydrating and if you feel that your skin is quite dry and if you have some money to splurge, this is something you should definitely give a try. The product lasts for about 6 months for me so i think it is worth the money.

2# Paula’s Choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Honestly, this is one of the best exfoliators I have ever used. I’d use this every few days at night before I go to bed and it truly helps with refining the texture of my skin and reducing pore blockage. I have trouble with blackheads and I thought I should just begin to accept that they will never go away despite my best effort. But although, this doesn’t really remove the blackheads entirely it surely helps reduce their appearance if it makes any sense. The pores on my nose are less noticeable and the skin on my cheeks feel so smooth, like a new-born’s butt. And if your skin looks a little dull, this product could make you look like you have got your life figured out.

3# The INKEY Caffeine Under-Eye Serum

My under eyes can be very puffy and dry. I have used Estée Lauder, La Mer, Bobbi Brown’s, Lancome’s eye cream ( But i did love the Advanced Genefique eye cream) and after getting schooled by dermatologists on tiktok, I have come to accept how most eye creams do close to nothing and most of them recommended this product instead. I have been using the Inkey’s caffeine eye cream for a few months now and I do notice that it reduces puffiness and brightens up my eyes. Prior to this, i was using The Ordinary’s caffeine solution but it was very meh for me and i did not like the texture of the product and for some reason, i do not know if it is possible or it is just me but i think that product made my under eyes drier. I like this one way better. The lines under my eyes are less conspicuous and I do not look like I just woke up from a 5 year coma anymore. And price wise, it is relatively cheaper than the almost useless high-end products I have tried.

4# Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask

If you have dry under eyes, this is the product that you need to try. It works like magic for me i could almost instantly see the result when i use it. You just have to be consistent. I would use the Inkey caffeine eye cream in the morning and the avocado melt sleeping mask at night because it has retinol in it. Retinol is my new bestie. Do not fret, the retinol is very gentle and it does not make you dance when you apply it on your skin like how some retinol products do. I fell in love with this product right after I had tried it for the first time. It is very hydrating and it makes my under eyes look more plump and brighter.

5# Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops

I had done some research about acids so I try to include more acids in my routine instead of just blindly buying things like I did before. I still do but that is beside the point. I do not suffer from acne but niacinamide helps to protect the skin from environmental stresses such as the sunlight, pollution and toxins. Besides, other benefits include : It helps build keratin (a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy), helps retain moisture, reduces inflammation, minimises pore appearance, regulates oil, treats hyperpigmentation, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, treats acne. Also, the product smells like watermelon and watermelon is always good.

6# Glow Recipe Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I should probably go ahead and try the rest of Glow Recipe’s products because I simply love all of the ones I have tried. Hyaluronic acid is a must for dry skin peeps like us. Crusty bitches need to stick together. It is like water for your skin. And this product really made my skin glow like a Greek goddess. I would use this right before I apply my La Mer Créme de la mer moisturiser to lock the moisture in.

7# Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley

If you are on tiktok you would probably see the word retinol a lot. It is the answer to everything apparently. Perhaps, retinol could help solve world’s problems too considering the hype. But really, retinol is something worth the hype, something everyone should start including in their routine if they haven’t already especially if they are about my age. Sobs. I have uneven skin texture and i have noticed some lines forming unfortunately and by including retinol in my routine, it has helped me tremendously. I have been using this product for weeks now and although, I haven’t used it long enough to notice any significant difference but I like it so far. I had been using retinol from The Ordinary before i switched and it did the job. Perhaps, the future me will thank the present me for this.

8# Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and Glow Stick

I love supergoop’s sunscreen. I like that it doesn’t make me feel like I just lathered my face with cooking oil. And it goes very well under my makeup. Sometimes, I would use this as my primer. Best part is, it is also hydrating.

And there you go. These are the list of products that I so love and will continue to love until I find something else to love even more.

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