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Singapore, The Lion City.

Every few months, mom and I will have a road trip down south to Singapore. We will go to the same hotel we have been going to since I was fourteen; receiving the warm old greeting from the same faces, “Welcome back!!”  and truthfully, it feels like home. Sometimes when life gets too hectic, you need to have a pause button and so, this is our very ‘pause’ button – our form of escapism. Just the two of us, in the midst of the foreign city, unleashing our thoughts and distress into thin air as we enjoy our trip with absolutely no nuisance. Being home, i could not bring myself to unwind my thoughts, there is always something to do or something to think about. While i am entirely grateful to be given such opportunities and I enjoy being productive, to keep my sanity intact, short getaways seem like a necessity…

I reckon, being there, i love that i could wander around the city all by myself. I always come home from our trip feeling rather inspired and mostly rejuvenated. The hey life, bring it on kinda feeling *And then i get pummelled by it as always but life goes on.* Mom, on the other hand, feels the same too. Last trip, she came home wanting to become Picasso so she took up painting…. And the other trip before that, she came home wanting to take up French. I remember waking up the next morning and listening to her going “Bon…..jourrrrr” “Çaaaaa vaaaa” in front of her laptop. It’s cute, really.

Besides, I love conversing with the taxi drivers. Listening to their stories can be life changing and humbling. It is fascinating to me that most of the drivers that i met were highly qualified people and some were earning almost ten times their current salary until they had to quit or retire. To be entirely honest with you, I get incredibly upset looking at people possibly my father’s age, if not older, sweeping the streets, driving around with conspicuous fatigue, pushing a heavy cart, taking orders, carrying food trays and cleaning the tables at Mcdonald’s and at the foodcourt when they can barely even walk. I cannot imagine having my father does those things when i would not let him do anything if i am around. It’s unfortunate that talking to them, i realize that some of their children do not see their parents as a responsibility rather than, a burden. It is heartbreaking. You can only have one set of parents, even if they can be a pain in the ass, taking care of them is unquestionable. (Unless they have done extremely terrible things to you ) The other day i saw someone tweeted ‘Why should we care for our parents when we did not even want to be here in the first place?’ I do not know. Did your parents want you as a child to begin with? And even if they didn’t, they stood by you and have taken care of you since the day you were born, did they not? You were not born into this world when you were sixteen. Abandoning you was out of the question. Perhaps, to some cases, it makes sense but to have a set of parents that have done nothing wrong to you, to have a child who would even think such thing is just heartbreaking. At some point in life, you’ll grow old and there are some things that you are incapable of doing, your body will slowly disappoint you, and despite the thought that you do not want to be a burden to someone else especially your loved ones, it would be really nice to have a helping hand.   But if you could watch your parents go through such phase all by themselves, alone and incapable, it truly reflects your character. But then again, not everyone sees it the same way, while some does it out of sincerity and love for their parents, some just think that that is an awful waste of money and time. I just hope i do not end up giving birth to the latter.

Anyway, my back was sore from all the walking and i decided to draw myself a bath with Epsom Salt. I have found my new love. If you ever find yourself feeling so sore, and if you have skin conditions like eczema or ingrown hair, this is your saviour. It literally has myriads of benefits that i could not even begin to tell you. It also helps to exfoliate dead skin and my skin was so smooth that i wanted to just rub my legs on my face. You can purchase the epsom salt from Guardian or Watson or any pharmacies nearby, and if you have a bathtub you can just pour two cups of salt inside it and soak for at least 15 minutes. It is one of the best feelings in the world! You’ll get out feeling refreshed and good. It is as though you have hit your reset button! If you do not have a tub, you can just put the mixture of salt and water or coconut/olive oil inside a bottle and rub or spray it all over your body or face.

I have just got home yesterday and i am already yearning for another weekend getaway!

Until then, here are some photos that i took from my recent trips to Singapore.




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