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Christmas Wonderland in Singapore & Vlog!



My brother, my mother and I have just got back from Singapore a few days ago. While my mom was out, me, being the most wonderful thoughtful sister i am, i had to take care of my not so little brother. So i took him to Christmas wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, the Aquarium, the Universal Studios and the ArtScience Museum — which has got to be one of my favourites at this moment.

I have been to the aquarium in Sentosa three times and i thought, it was going to be rather tedious this time. In fact, we were entangled in a little argument earlier.

“It’s cruel, okay. They have the entire sea to themselves but they are stuck in this stupid tank.”

“Here we go again.”

“Why do we need to go there? They look the same. They look like……. fish!!”

“You look like a fish and i still have to see your face.”

The argument sorta ended there.

And surprisingly, i enjoyed myself. Something about being surrounded by water radiates an air of serenity. I found myself just staring into the enormous fish tank with my thoughts unleashed. It is truly a wonderful feeling. However, i still believe that they deserve to be swimming across the ocean instead of unintentionally finding themselves hitting its heads against the glass every now and then.


Afterward, with no further plans, we decided to impetuously purchase the tickets to the Universal Studios. That would be my fourth time going to USS. I am no longer a fan of rollercoasters or fast rides, unfortunately.  Perhaps, i am already too old to be twisted and tossed around. So the consensus was that we should just hang around at one of those cute cafes and people watch. 

The highlight of my trip would be the ArtScience Museum. They had the “Treasures of the National World” exhibit. Initially, i thought i was going to skip that but i am glad i didn’t. I believe, the exhibition will last until April ’18 if i am not mistaken. It was both  fascinating and heartbreaking to see so many species become extinct due to mankind’s selfish acts. It is even more heartbreaking to know that even after hundreds of years, mankind is still the same — causing destruction and corruption to the world. Imagine the kind of world where your children would not know what a tiger is or what an elephant or an orang utan is. These animals have souls and for humans to just ruthlessly hunt them for their tusks and fur or simply, for the ‘thrill’ of killing, i am not entirely sure if i have hopes in mankind anymore.

On the other note, i was immensely amazed when i discovered that some of the animals that were on display were real. They truly did a great job.





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  • Katriel

    I love visiting Singapore! Especially all the good food :p I miss Singapore food. The pictures you took are absolutely gorgeous.
    Can’t wait to see more posts!

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