Safe & Least Safe Countries For Solo Female Travellers.

In all honesty, it takes a lot of guts to travel solo especially for females. Being a socially awkward person and sometimes a little too shy, once upon a time, the thought of travelling alone seemed a little far-fetched. It gave me anxiety or some sort and it was unthinkable to see myself in a foreign country without a familiar face standing beside me. That was then…. And today, occasionally, i would find myself wandering around in a completely distant city all by myself and relishing every bit of moment of being alone. Something about being in a foreign city, in a crowd full of foreign faces with no specific destination in mind that give me a warm fuzzy feeling that i don’t often get. It’s nice to get out from your comfort zone once in a while. Your senses are somewhat heightened and you’ll get to witness a multitude of things from a completely different perspective.

Surely, being a female, you must have had a good share of horrid experience when you are alone– getting catcalled by a group of males or having your ass grabbed by a stranger or having an utterly bizarre man following you from behind and perhaps, waited for you in front of the washroom or having a homeless man chasing after you just because he needed a few dollars for a beer and since you were terrified for your life, you gave him all you had in your purse. It’s so important to choose a place where you will feel safe and secure and here are some places that perhaps, you could consider if you plan on travelling solo.



Japan is such a wonderful place for you to explore. The people are amazing and i love how organised everything is. And not to forget, the soft serves and sushis and sashimis……….Brb, flying to Japan. Although i was with my family, there were moments where i did leave the hotel alone and ’twas a great moment! According to the Global Peace Index, it is ranked the ninth-safest country in the world, which is rather unsurprising. It can be a bit overwhelming at first especially when you’re in Tokyo but i think it is fairly a safe place. The only thing that you should fear of is the natural disaster…



I could walk for hours all by myself around Singapore and not feel an ounce of fear. It is ranked the eight-safest country in the world. I have always admired how firm the government is when it comes to implementation of their rules and policies on both locals and tourists. You can’t simply get away easily and you know you will get in serious trouble if you disobey the rules. Something Malaysia is still lacking, unfortunately. We’ll get there, someday, i hope.



I would say Australia is a pretty safe country too. Although, it’s still best to avoid secluded areas despite the ranking (13th spot). You may encounter quite a few peculiar and sometimes, racist people (mainly towards the black people and Chinese mainland) , which i have throughout the course of my time, but it’s best to shrug it off and mind your own business unless you know kung fu or something. But don’t you worry, the people are generally very nice and friendly. Oh how I miss Melbourne!

The least safe countries that i have been to would be : 



I am sure you’ve heard about the pickpockets and thieves in Paris especially. The fact that it’s just entirely common to lose something there makes it all the more reason for you to not go to France all by yourself.  I must say, i do admire their skill! The fact that they could steal in broad daylight without getting caught or even if they do get caught, they would just pretend that nothing happened while you yelled at them like a crazy person. If you’re lucky, they’ll yell back.

France is ranked the sixty-first according to the Global Peace Index.



When in Barcelona and Madrid, we were warned by some of the locals to hide our cameras so that we don’t look like tourists. When mom and i were roaming around Barcelona, we have had encountered a few people who would just come to you and ask for your signature for God knows what they were saying and once you do that, they will demand for payment and won’t take no for an answer. Spain is ranked the thirtieth according to the Global Peace Index. Nevertheless, it is such a beautiful country and i will surely return to explore this beautiful beautiful country.

I must say, you must travel solo at least once in your lifetime. It’s such a beautiful experience. Overwhelming at first, but you’ll get a hang of it. In my case, i would very much love to do this again but it’s nicer to have a travel companion. If you are looking for a soul searching kind of trip, solo travelling is the way to do it.

Stay safe lovelies. xx

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