Political rant.


As all Malaysians know, the election is just around the corner. You could see legion of flags from different parties everywhere. Just a few weeks ago, i saw this uncle planting an opposition flag in front of our Prime Minister’s house in Putrajaya in the middle of the night only to be waking up the next day to see that it is no longer there. How cute.

It is not like me to talk about politics and i reckon, i might feel contrite about writing this. My knowledge when it comes to politics is after all, so little compared to many and i am not very keen on debating. Unfortunately, my knowledge is purely limited to my experience, family meetings (lol) and news online. And i am well aware that like religion, politics is a topic that is equally as sensitive that could lead to war amongst the closest friends and family. But it is what it is. It is associated with your identity, your belief and you can’t help but to be defensive when it comes to it.  I can’t quite comprehend those who would say something like, “I am not into politics. I can’t be bothered.” Unfortunately, i was one of them. Ignorant but mostly, uninformed. But the thing is, i know now that everything is political whether you like it or not. From the clothing you wear (taxes imposed, etc) , to the food you consume, to the transportation you take and to your education, to name a few.

There was a moment in my life where i was very proud of being a Malaysian abroad. I remember being on the bus in Melbourne years ago and when I had told the driver i was from Malaysia, he looked at me and said, “I admire Malaysia. I love how all races could live together peacefully.” “Ah Malaysia. Mahathir is my idol.” And that changed entirely when 1MDB became the talk of the world. There was a time in class where my lecturer had talked about corruption and of course, he had to bring up about Malaysia’s corruption. He then proceeded to ask if anyone in the class is from Malaysia and i could not muster the guts to raise my hand. When i was in Paris, there was this bus driver who had said, “I am sorry that your country has such a corrupted prime minister. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I hope Malaysia will get through this.” I remember having a couple of taxi drivers in Singapore laughing apologetically.  From that moment onward, every time someone asks me where i am from, i would just say, “Just guess…” and walk away.

Corruption is indeed the destroyer of a nation. Look at Greece, for instance. I remember studying about it and sensed immense familiarity. It is terrifying to know what corruption can do to a nation. The rich is getting way richer and the poor is getting poorer. While the rich is squandering people’s money on fancy buildings abroad and lavish lifestyle, the poor is simply paying for it. It sickens me to the utmost to see how arrogant these supposedly called ‘leaders’ speak when they are given power. I cannot stand the blatant and profound corruption displayed by Barisan Nasional. It sickens me to see how they have been acting as if they are above the law. I have personally met a few of these ministers myself and i am truthfully baffled as to how they could hold that high of a position. Not to mention, the racist remarks they utter. “We can’t let the Cina kafir rule our country,” one of them had said recently to a Chinese neighbour of ours. If you are going to talk about Islam, do you really believe that our government today is practising Islam? I am very much certain that corruption is very much unIslamic. And also, I hate to break it to you but Malays ≠ Muslims. And if PAS is truly a representative of Islam as they claim to be, they would have solemnly condemned the act and surely, being affiliated with the corrupt is simply out of the question. But corruption is just one of many things. What about shoving religion down other people’s throat when clearly, there should not be any compulsion in religion. But let’s not go there. And then we have these JAKIM fellas releasing statements like “We have to obey our rulers” i mean, yes definitely but surely, not when they are a bunch of corrupted clowns?! But hey, what do i know, right. I am just a girl who does not wear hijab.

Sure, one might argue that the opposition party is no different, which, is probably true. Truthfully, i am not enamoured with the Opposition party either but what other choice do we have? All i can see is a party that is pushing for a change and another, in complete denial and proud. While change can be terrifying indeed, sometimes, it’s best to get out from our comfort zone. The government needs to know that they should serve the people, not the other way around. They have become so complacent. It should stop right here. And even if they win this upcoming election, at least, they now know that the people aren’t a bunch of dumbos and hopefully, they could learn some lessons and form a honest, transparent, fair government.



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