My so-called travel horror stories.

Since it’s Halloween, i thought, it would be appropriate for me to share with you a couple of horror stories that i have experienced when travelling. I am sure, there are a lot of skeptics and disbelievers and it may be shocking to some, but i am a true believer of the unseen. Growing up, i have had myriads of paranormal experience involving black magic and it would be absurd to deny its existence with everything illogical and inexplicable that has happened before me. But don’t worry, i am not here to share with you anything about that as i fear, it can be too personal but rather, the uncanny things i have encountered when i was travelling.



I could still bring back every inch of that night i was in Singapore with my mom a few years back. We were staying at this hotel that could give you chills the moment you stand at the facade of the building — you could fairly tell that everything about it was antiquated even though they have tried their best to conceal it by renovating the halls, new furniture, marbled flooring and changing the wallpapers to keep up with modernity. The room was dark even during daytime; perhaps it was because of the wallpaper behind the bed that overshadowed the entire room. Mom and i knew something amiss the moment we entered the room as we felt we were being watched. That night, while we were both fast asleep, mom was awoken to the sound of a couple fighting next door in Mandarin. The clock showed 3 am.  They were shouting at each other from the top of their lungs, and there were tears until there was silence. It was then when she heard a whisper in her ears, “My last breath…..”  a few times and it sounded as though he was gasping for air and mom swore that she could smell blood.

The next morning, i was taking my long steamy shower in the bathroom, fogging up the mirror completely when i saw something was written on it. It was written at the highest level where it would take a normal person to climb up a chair or something to reach. It said, and don’t laugh, it said “Hi bitches…” Without much thought given, i ran out of the shower and screamed. When mom walked inside the bathroom,  the writing was still there and so, i got dressed and we went outside when we met a hotel cleaner. We had complained to her about the noise next door last night. She looked at us, baffled and in incredulity, paused for a moment and said, “But…. There are no guests next door.” Our jaw dropped, heart skipped a bit, almost out of words.  That night, mom had a terrifying experience when she came back to the hotel all by herself. She had solemnly thought that she was on the right floor, standing in front of the right room. She said, the floor was empty, as though it had been kept uninhabited for decades. It was then when she realised the halls were definitely different than ours, it was as though she had walked into the past. She phoned me and realised that she was on the wrong floor. Thinking back, i wasn’t sure how i felt about being called ‘bitches’ by possibly, a ghost. Hilarious? But to think of it, if the writings were written from long ago, it would have been there when i showered again that evening but the writing was gone then. Perhaps, it was nothing outrageous but that was surely something….



We had rented this beautiful Japanese house in a remote area overlooking the majestic Mount Fuji. It was surrounded by forest. Another antiquated house, i believe. In order for you to get there, you’ll have to climb up the hill and it was definitely not convenient especially with the luggage but the view made everything worthwhile. Again, when i walked into the house i could feel a strong presence in there and i wasn’t terrified or anything. The energy was somewhat ‘welcoming’. When i was in the bathroom, i could sense as though something was watching and yet, i wasn’t terrified. That night as i had gone to sleep, i had a dream about this man — he was dressed perfectly in a World War II Japanese military uniform (I googled about it the next morning), a soldier then i believe and he was smiling at me and i felt at ease. He was probably in his twenties, good looking i must say. It was the next morning when i was roaming around the house and came across these very old pictures that were kept in the corner. As i neared the area, there it was, the photograph of the man that was in my dream in the exact uniform i dreamed. I froze for a bit, overwhelmed but fear was absent.


We have a holiday home in Penang, mostly inhabited because we rarely go there. This time, during New years, i opted to bring a couple of friends. That night, i was fast asleep when a woman, possibly in her late twenties with dark long hair came into my dream. She was undoubtedly beautiful and didn’t look local. She gave out some sort of sisterly energy as though she was being protective. In the midst of the night, somehow i was awoken to this feeling as though something was standing in the corner of the room. I could see a black figure standing before me. The door was unlocked and she was standing right there. I tried to keep my cool and made one of my friends turn on the lights. He said, he could feel he was passing through an energy and i knew that because i saw him walking through her. -___-

I guess i knew what she was mad about but i’d rather not say. Up until today, every time i talk about her i could still see her face. Like the soldier, their images are somewhat vivid.


Ah, i reckon, that’s about it for now! So many uncanny experience and i could only feel sadness for these souls. May they all rest in peace.





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