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My Favourite Photo Editing Apps!

One of the most frequent questions i get recently is, “What apps do you use to edit your photos?” and so i thought, i should share with you some of the apps that i love! Please note that i am not a professional when it comes to editing which is more than conspicuous and i have so much to learn still.

For the first few years, I’d say that my feed was just like many other feeds that you see everywhere. There was nothing really prominent about it. I had gone for the ‘dark’ ‘high contrast’ look.  I’d say that i had gone for the natural kind of look. There wasn’t much i’d do to achieve these.



If you are fascinated with these kind of colours, to start with, all you need is of course, the VSCO app. I love the filters Vsco offers. Often, i would only be using the A9 filter, A8 or A1. At that moment in time, i was going for a fairly minimalistic look and these filters should do the trick. I do not usually adjust the ‘brightness’ ‘contrast’ and everything else here because i think, for some odd reason, there is something really ‘off’ about it, which, brings me to my next favourite app.


Snapseed!! I still use this app up until today for every photo that i had posted so far. I’d increase the ‘brightness’ to my liking, the ‘contrast’, reduce the ‘highlight’, increase the ‘shadows’ and ‘the structure’. I’d say,  some people like to go crazy with the highlights but in my case, i’d reduce the ‘highlights’ and increase my ‘shadows’. And the next thing i do is i’d religiously use the ‘Ambience’ tool. I’d increase the ambience and it would accentuate the details of the picture even more and i really love the effect. It makes your photo so much better, i promise you. Another tool that i love is the ‘healing’ tool. I’d abuse this to remove any blemishes or flaws like pimples or something. Next, the ‘selective’ tool. This is a great tool whereby you could adjust the brightness, the contrast and saturation of a certain area and not interfere with the rest of the picture.

Anyway, I get bored of things easily and so, a little while back, i thought, i wanted to have a different approach towards editing. I wanted my feed to be as vibrant and as colourful as possible. I wanted to get out from my comfort zone. I used to despise overly edited pictures and thought, minimalism is ‘the’ way to go until i came across @Taramilktea ‘s feed and fell in love with her immediately after. I love how bright her pictures are, something i never thought i’d be interested in. After days of experimenting with colours and whatnot on Lightroom, i realised that i wanted to go for an orange teal look.



To achieve this look, i’d use the Adobe Lightroom software. It is not an iPhone app. I’d be editing using my Macbook before transferring it into my iPhone. Afterward, i’d adjust the brightness and ambience on Snapseed before i post it on my Instagram. Using the Lightroom software, i’d be playing with the colours and everything else and finally, came up with a preset that i have been using for every picture that you see recently. Also, i have started using the Adobe Photoshop CC too to adjust a bit of here and there. I reckon, you are able to have more control of your image on photoshop.  Here are some before and after pictures that some of you have requested.

IMG_4143 2.JPG

IMG_4143lk.jpgIMG_3209 2.JPG

final copy.jpgIMG_3273.JPGIMG_3273 3.JPGIMG_3370.JPGIMG_3370 copy.jpg


If you are going for a specific theme for your feed, i’d definitely suggest uploading this app. You could upload your new picture and see if the tone matches with the others before officially uploading it on your instagram. This helps so much and it’s free!

And there you go. My favourite apps that i use for photo editing. I hope this answers your question and feel free to ask me anything on my DM. I won’t bite i promise.

Thank you for reading!



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