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Kindness Is A Rarity?


I have come to a point where i find it unsurprising to see how vicious one can be. Humans can be utterly terrifying. I mean, we have heard of Hitler, right? And it is unfortunate how kindness has become a rarity that we jump in excitement at the sight of even the tiniest gesture. It’s not to say that i am merely great or kind but i do not have the heart to hurt animals or yell at those foreign workers who are working harder than i could possibly imagine. And no matter how unsurprising it is to be reading such news, i always find myself staring in the blank space in complete bafflement. Why is this happening? How can this happen? What can we do to prevent this from happening? Millions of questions begin to flood into the back of my mind.

A part of me dies every time i come across these pictures of cats and dogs or animals in general that are in pain due to wickedness. I personally have seen little children kicking the strays before my eyes, thinking it was funny. Their parents spoke nothing of their behaviour which, was a complete letdown. Parents play quite a vital role in shaping a child’s behaviour. Surely, i had the need to tell them off whether or not their parents were present as i felt it was my responsibility to do so. And i would be as guilty as they were if i were to say nothing. I thought it was some sort of common sense : to not hurt animals. But boy, was i wrong. And i have had neighbours who had poisoned our cats and beat them up and heartbreakingly, we have to watch them slowly die.  I can never get over the heartaches of having to see one after another baby of ours taking their one last breath before our eyes.

It has finally occurred to me that some people are lack of conscience. I am not just saying about hurting animals. People who are lack of conscience are dangerous kind of people; unpleasant people. They have no fear. They do not care what others think of them. They think only of themselves and if they are ‘nice’ to you or simply ‘helpful’, it is because they have their own hidden agenda. For most, when we hurt someone, surely, we have some sense of guilt, remorse or shame but to these sort of people, they will only feel guilty or remorseful when their actions affect their lives. They will never be sorry for the pain they have caused you. I am merely stating the characteristics of a sociopath. Are you one of them? I hope not.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines conscience as “the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong”.

And let’s talk about humility. I am sure there are people who are very much less fortunate than we are but does that make us superior to them? I don’t think so. Perhaps, you could afford a home, a fancy car, a fancy outfit, education, but that don’t make those who couldn’t any less of a human than you are. I must say, sure, there are moments where you’ll find how trying it is to deal with these people because truthfully, some of them can be a pain too, but humility is what we should be practising should we want a better life in this world, better society, perhaps, better world. Perhaps too, by being humble, it could help exerting some sort of positivity to the people around you to be the same. You can’t really change the world but you can change the little bits around you.

I really do not want to sound cliché but let’s start by doing as many act of kindness as we could everyday for the rest of our lives. It could be holding a door for someone, or saying ‘thank you’, or helping the needy or speaking up against violence or crime that happens in front of you OR  even by smiling to strangers. Like, not in a creepy, perverted way.  That will surely make one’s day.

Let’s all be kind to people whether or not they are deserving of our kindness. (Unless that person is a rapist or some sort, or rape apologists or the kind of driver that drives like they have shit in their pants and don’t use signals or those who still support Najib).

Fine, let’s just try to be kind.


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