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How to empty your closet in the most ethical way?

Once a day, I would find myself standing before my closet in deep frustration – not knowing what to wear despite the amount of clothing I possess. Sure, there a million other reasons to be frustrated about, like water scarcity in Africa but who knew not knowing what to wear could become a nuisance? And so I had finally managed to give my closet a good round of spring cleaning. Sure, I had thought of donation but living in Malaysia, I do not think donating tank tops and mini dresses is a brilliant idea…


As i try to get rid of my unwanted clothes, i realised how i have not worn most of the clothes and some, i do not even remember buying them. And others, it is the ‘what was i thinking’ kind of clothing. If you are planning to get rid of your clothing, remember, binning them should never be an option. Think about the environment. Think about putting them to good use. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Environment wise, i am trying to be more eco-friendly. I am trying to use more clothes that are made from linen, or silk, or pure cotton. Baby steps. And i have been trying to put impulse buying to stop because it is truly not a healthy or ethical habit.

Here are a few platforms you could consider in order to give your closet a major breather.

  • Carousell


I am sure most of you already know of this and i really think Carousell is a great platform for you to clean out your wardrobe, simultaneously, getting paid for it too. Truthfully, it can be exhausting when you have to deal with insanely fussy buyers and buyers who cannot seem to read the description but i guess, nothing good in life comes easy.

  • H&M 

I have heard about this for the longest time but i have never really done it myself. But you could recycle your clothes at H&M and apparently, you’ll be given a discount voucher in return! So it is a win win situation.

  • Shopee 

Shopee is another app that is akin to Carousell where you can sell your used clothes. But to be entirely honest with you, you have to be aware of scammers. If someone were to come up to you and say, ” I am interested! Could you please WhatsApp this number ____.” Stop right there. They will usually proceed with, “I am actually buying this for my brother/sister/girlfriend/mother/satan who is staying in Ipoh/Penang/hell” It is getting boring really. And the part where they say, they have given you RM500 for a RM30 dress which is insanely absurd. After getting a lot of messages like this, i chose to delete the app and opted for Carousell instead.

  • Kedai Bless

If you are planning to donate, you could head over to one of their outlets. Here.

  •  Kechara Soup Kitchen

You can also donate your old t-shirts, etc to Kechara Soup Kitchen and they will hand them over to the needy. More about them on their website. Here. May God bless you!

  • Organize a Garage Sale 

Syaira and I have been talking about this for the longest time but we have yet to realise it. Perhaps, one day!


I am sure there are plentiful of other platforms you could consider. Hey, if there’s a will there’s a way.



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