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Hari Raya

It is that time of the year where i will find myself in the kitchen in my sweatpants baking cookies and cakes for the day some may rejoice and others may loathe. As for me, there was a period of time where i would be entirely exhilarated — dressing up in a brand new baju kurung that i would only wear once in my lifetime,  going to grandma’s house, seeing my cousins and the rest of the family in pretty vibrant colours and of course, the food! Grandma’s cooking was the best. I thought, i had lost the feeling of excitement forever. I mean, those great moments somehow, gradually faded into moments that i fairly despised because it was a constant reminder of how unhappy everyone in my family was over a profound family feud. But let’s not go there… Let’s just say, going to family gatherings without a prominent family member was profoundly torturous. Fortunately, it became wonderful again after the reconciliation between two parties.

Surely, hari raya has never been the same ever since we lost our grandparents. However, i was a tad excited about this one. Instead of going to grandma’s, my entire family will come to ours and this time, mom is the head chef! Unlike many years before, i don’t usually buy baju raya but this year is an exception! Thank you e-commerce, indeed, a solution to lazy bums like moi. This year, i am wearing a piece from Alia Bastamam that i had bought from Zalora. Scrolling down my timeline, a few girls were wearing the exact same piece and totally killing it! I am going to crawl back into my cave for a bit…

I am always appreciative of moments like this. Seeing my family members. Truthfully, i love family gatherings. Family means everything to me and i am grateful to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life. Each year, to see the young ones are progressively becoming adults and the parents and uncles and aunts getting much older and frail. It is a bit depressing to think about it… Although, my heart will always go out to those who are from broken families and reading some tweets the other day saying how much it hurts them, in a way, reminded me of the times i despised eid for the same reason. I wish they will find peace and happiness within themselves.

Time flies! It is the second day of eid and i am already sick of raya food and oddly, i had this immense craving for mamak food. My love for mamak food is undying.

Selamat hari raya to everyone. <3

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