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Ginger Baths Make Me Sweat!!

Have you ever had such a taxing day that you find yourself yearning for a good me-time in the bathtub to unwind? Imagine lighting up some scented candles in the bathroom, putting on some good oldies and let time flies while you sit in the tub contemplating about life in its entirety. Ah, the little things in life. It can be fortifying to spend a few good minutes away from everyone and everything including your smartphones. I reckon, it is essential to allot yourself some time just for yourself. How many hours could you go through a day without holding your phone? I wonder. It has become an addiction that is hard to combat even for myself.

While you could truly utilise that ‘addiction’ – by learning, acquiring great knowledge, keeping yourself informed with current tragedies some choose to opt for something that is entirely nugatory and pointless. Like keeping up to date with rumours of people they barely know, leaving negative comments on other people’s pages and constantly badmouthing about people. Have you ever met someone and realise that the only thing they talk about is other people? A truly confounding conversation, I must say. Some tend to get so preoccupied with work that they scarcely have any time for their own self – to think, to grow. Others tend to be so fixated with social media that sometimes, it brings out the worst in people especially when jealousy or envy starts to creep into you.

I am sure, going on vacations could be a form of therapy but therapies need not be expensive. Taking warm baths is indeed a way to go. At this moment, I am obsessed with Epsom Salts and Ginger Baths! The thing about having ginger bath is that it will make you profusely sweat and for someone who doesn’t sweat, boy did I sweat a lot.  I’d usually take a 15-20-minute warm bath before I go to bed and I will wake up feeling rejuvenated to the utmost.

Benefits of Ginger Baths

  • Helps with menstrual cramps
  • Alleviate cold and flu symptoms
  • Helps with diarrhoea
  • Detoxify your body

I’d usually take my baths with Epsom Salts

Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths:

  • Relieves muscle cramps and pain
  • Relieves constipation
  • Eliminated toxins from the body
  • Exfoliates your skin
  • Promotes sleep and stress reduction
  • removes splinters and ingrown hair



 I am currently using this product that i bought in Japan but you could always do it yourself.

Bath Recipes:

 You could use ginger powders or 1/2 a cup (smaller than the palm of your hand) of  freshly grated ginger. Add about 1 cup of Epsom Salt and savour every moment of it!

Note: Don’t take baths if you are pregnant and contact your doctor if you experience nausea, headache, etc and remember to drink a lot of water after your bath. 









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