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Flowers and Food (Merchant’s Lane, Petaling Street)

My Instagram feed is adorned with beautiful vibrant posts of bloggers enjoying spring from all corners of the world. I have always loved spring as much as i love autumn. If all goes well and God willing, this time next year, i will be enjoying my spring in Provence, France. If that were to happen, it will be a dream come true. Otherwise, a girl can dream!

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C’est très magnifique, non? Anyway, while i am dreaming about it and working on my bad French, i am just going to be here…….I  had the urge to wear floral patterns today. And speaking of spring, surprisingly, all i could think about was the floral wall at Merchant’s Lane. I had been wanting to go there since last year and today, we finally finally did.

Did you know that once upon a time the very building was a brothel? Interesting, no? The place was a little hard to find and it is situated somewhere in Petaling Street. We had to ask this uncle who was wiping his wet armpit for direction. Literally. He was wiping his armpit and said, “Aiyo, banyak basah la.” I mean……………….  Once we stepped in, we were truly amazed by the beautiful décor and the vibe. I had ordered the Hongkie Beef Stew, which was really nice and Butter Chicken Pasta for Mr. Farrace, which was amazing! We might just go there again for just that. I would say it was definitely worth the price.

Truthfully, it is hard for us to find a café we would want to return because in majority of the times, they would offer nothing but overly priced mediocre food. However, we could definitely see ourselves going to Merchant’s Lane again in the near future.


IMG_4842-2 copy.jpg


Merchant’s Lane

IMG_4901 copy.jpgIMG_4910.jpg

My biggest fan and I

IMG_4972 copy.jpgIMG_5047.jpg

After our wonderful lunch, we went for a little stroll at the beautiful Botanical Garden before ending our date by watching the Avengers: Infinity War. Have you seen it? I was definitely out of words when it ended. Baffled and messed up, to be precise. Can’t wait for the next one!

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