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Day Trip To Malacca

Besides Penang, I have always loved going to Malacca — akin to Penang, rich with heritage buildings, historical sites and colonial structures. I love strolling around the city and finding myself in between antiquated shophouses or buildings that could let me catch a glimpse of colonial times. I take pleasure in knowing that once upon a time, my great grandparents, grandparents and my father grew up here. When i thought about my silk collection, i thought, it would be brilliant to drive down to Malacca for a little photoshoot and so we did. Unfortunately, it was a national holiday and every inch of Malacca was thronged with tourists, both local and foreign. With that, we could not get to a few places that we had planned beforehand. I am afraid, the plan was not so brilliant after all.

As we strolled along the Jonker Street, we came across this beautiful cafe tucked  in one of those narrow alleys. The Calanthe Cafe. Whilst waiting in line (which, felt like forever) , we were entertained by this beautiful person playing the erhu so effortlessly from the other side of the road. I’d say, the coffee was good. However, both the french toast and the laksa we ordered were somewhat adequate; which, was truthfully a disappointment given the reviews. To think of it, perhaps, we had ordered the wrong things. Otherwise, it was a beautiful cafe with wonderful ambience.

As we pretty much know, Malaysia can be really hot especially in the noon. I don’t usually wear long sleeves under this excruciatingly warm weather but silk is unequivocally an exception. I love how the fabric allows the breeze to kiss my skin and I love how the fabric moves as i move. Ah my love for silk is undying.

Twas a wonderful day trip to Malacca. However, I wish they would ban vehicles from entering or passing through Jonker Street as it can be a little too chaotic. I could imagine how beautiful Jonker street could really be if it were to be free of vehicles. Also, pedestrians could easily cross the road without fearing for their lives. And imagine the stunning shots one could get! Before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, we had to have the ikan bakar and so we drove all the way to Crystal Bay because the good ones were closed. Upon arrival, we were the first few customers as they had just opened. Alas, we had to wait an hour for our food. An extra half an hour to queue for the bill. Never again. I wish some restaurants could learn how to entertain their customers and be more systematic in managing their business. The food were also very mediocre and i don’t think it’s worth the wait and hassle. Customer service was unsurprisingly horrid. Oh well, better luck next time….





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