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    The Art of Layering

    Living in a tropical country, there are days where the heat is just too unbearable for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even stand wearing long sleeves under scorching weather and I will always resort to t-shirts or camisoles and jeans or skirts or simply, midi dresses. And truthfully, I am always fascinated with how our stunning hijabis are dressed under this…

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    3 Ways To Wear Midi Skirts

    I don’t usually take OOTDs mainly because in majority of times, out of a hundred pictures, not one will make the cut. And to be entirely honest, the overriding reason is that you will always find me in jeans and t-shirts. I wish i am one of those girls who could look smashing in just t-shirt and jeans and not…

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    Tropical fashion essentials

    If you are planning for a sweet getaway to a tropical paradise, it could be Indonesia or Thailand or Maldives or Port Dickson even, I would say linen clothes are truly it. Majority of the clothes i brought to Bali were linen and i reckon, it is one of the best decisions i made. I simply love the fabric. Something…