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Best Areas to Stay In Bali

Bali is truly a tropical paradise. Its stunning beaches, wondrous mountainous areas with lush greenery, the famous rice fields and magnificent waterfalls. It is unsurprising to me to see why almost everyone I know choose Bali as their travel destination. I, myself, don’t mind going to Bali again and again. Something about Bali that is simply beckoning. If you are planning for a trip to Bali and wondering where in Bali should you be staying, here are some of the best areas to stay in Bali!


Seminyak is where all the action is. If you are a party lover, Seminyak/Kuta is where you should be. Although, compared to Kuta, it offers a classier nightlife. Most of the lounges and clubs are rather elegant and have beautiful outdoor landscapes with beachfront lawns. Among the prominent ones are the Potato Head Beach Club, La Plancha and Ku De Ta.

Besides the night life, Seminyak is also for the shopaholics. You could find multitudes of Australian boutiques that sell gorgeous summer clothes especially in Jalan Petitenget. Please be warned that the price could be hefty especially for Malaysians. Also, Seminyak is packed with alluring cafés and bistros offering cuisines from all around the world. If you fancy beautiful cafés with good food, Seminyak is where you should be. While you are in Seminyak, do not forget to pay Nalu Bowls a visit for the best smoothie bowls ever. If you want to hunt for fabrics, just take a taxi or Uber to Kuta which is about twenty minutes away.

I personally would recommend staying only for a night or two in Seminyak and head off to other parts of Bali for a quieter and more serene environment. I find Seminyak to be a little too chaotic but hey, some people embrace chaos.


Unlike Seminyak, Ubud is meant for you, outdoor lovers. You know you are in Ubud when you find yourself being surrounded by the lush greenery and paddy fields. Obviously, this is where you could find the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces. From Ubud, you could explore Bali’s majestic waterfalls like the Tegenungan Waterfall (20 minutes south on a motorbike) or if you don’t mind going a bit further out, you could head to the Nungnung waterfall if you want to get away from tourists. You could also head over to the Monkey Forest, or go hiking and water rafting. Those activities aren’t necessarily in Ubud but you will find it to be easier to go from Ubud rather than from other places. Therefore, I recommend hiring a driver or hiring a scooter.

Also, Ubud is the best area to stay for a spiritual visit. Whether for meditation, yoga, gorgeous spas, this is the place for you to be. I remember going there and never felt so relaxed. It is so nice to wake up in the morning, with the beautiful morning mist between the trees and just unravel your thoughts and inhaling fresh air. Ubud, is undoubtedly, one of my favourite places in Bali.


Uluwatu offers the most beautiful image of the vibrant blue sea and memorable sunsets. It is packed with exquisite beaches like the Bingin Beach and Padang Padang as well as hidden gems. Uluwatu is for the beach bums! If you enjoy surfing or just lying on the beach, soaking the Vitamin D, this is the area to stay. I honestly love Uluwatu for the sunsets. It is much less chaotic than other areas in Bali. I would say, Uluwatu is for you to just relax and not do anything but to sit with a cup of coffee and savour every inch of the view.

If you want to have fresh seafood dinner, head over to Jimbaran which is so close to Uluwatu.


I would say Canggu is a bit like Seminyak but less chaotic and smaller. Nonetheless, it is a good place for you to hang out at the bar while watching the sun dips beautifully below the horizon. It still has plentiful of beautiful cafes and places to eat. I personally love Canggu more than Seminyak!

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