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Bali ’16, Uluwatu


Uluwatu is one of the most beautiful places i have been to. But then again, i am always a bit biased when it comes to the sea. Something about the sea that often leaves me in awe; how it is therapeutic and exquisite but within a split second, it could completely change its course into something utterly vicious and deadly. I could spend hours just gazing at the deep blue sea thinking, how vast it is and how little we are; how there are so many things in life that we have yet to discover or unravel and how it manages to make all those miseries that once seemed so profound seem fairly minuscule and unimportant.

We had hired a driver to take us to Uluwatu that took us about an hour. It cost us about MYR100 for a one-way journey from Seminyak.  When we arrived there, we did not expect that we were about to step into paradise. The villa reminded me so much of Greece, not that i have been to Greece but i would imagine the buildings to be just as beautiful if not better but of course, with better view.


So we checked into the hotel, that is by far, the most beautiful hotel i have ever been to and wanted to scream when we were showed to our room. It was an adorable small hut just for us, with a private balcony and an outdoor shower. Taking a shower whilst surrounded by nature is remarkable. Just you, completely naked under the deep blue sky (Which was kinda odd at first); surrounded by the tall trees and the sound of nature until Syaira started to corrupt that bit with the fact that a snake could fall off the bamboos above us any moment now. Well it was all great while it lasted.



I have always loved wrap dresses!  I think it is truly an island essential. I was wearing a wrap dress from Grae [@graecollection on instagram], the Uluwatu dress.


We had reserved a table at El Kabron Spanish  Restaurant for a sunset dinner. By the time we arrived there, the sun was about to set and no words could truly explicate what i saw at the moment. I love sunsets because it truly never fails to mesmerise me and somehow, i would almost instantly think of how majestic God is. One of my silly goals is to travel around the world and collect sunset pictures. We had the best seat in the house, at the cliff overlooking the ocean and it was truly a magical experience. It wasn’t that magical when we tried to take a picture of us standing and somehow the wind thought it would be funny to play a prank on me. It lifted my dress! Being the one standing at the most front, I am not entirely sure how many people saw my bum and i was completely mortified i wanted to just jump off the cliff. Those guys that sat behind us wanted our number and i do not want to think that had to do with anything. So here’s a useful tip: DO NOT wear a wrap dress when you are planning to go there.


We spent our night just by looking at the constellation until it is time to go. I would totally recommend you going there. It is a little pricey i reckon. To have the seat we had, it cost us about MYR200 each and you get to have free drinks, food and dessert. Sure, it is pricey but the view is beyond worthwhile. After all, I did request for the best view in the house et voila!


I am always grateful to be given the opportunity to live life and to be able to witness God’s majestic creations. The world has so much to offer and i hope to be blessed with good health and wealth so that i could travel until i am simply incapable.

Next stop : UBUD!


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