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Bali ’16, Ubud


Before checking out, we still had time for breakfast and a little shoot at the hotel ground. By the time we checked out, our driver was already waiting for us. He helped us carry our luggage and when we stepped outside, this old and adorable red convertible car was awaiting us. Boy, we were excited.

The driver had asked, “Do you want the roof down?” and we were like, how is that even a question, “yes!” We could not stop taking pictures and i think the driver must had hated us for that. We wanted to be just driven around in this cute car and never coming down. We had Bruno Mars’ on repeat and life felt so great at that moment. We made him drive us around Uluwatu before making a beeline for Ubud.


He stopped the car in the midst of nowhere, somewhere at the bridge next to the ocean just so we could take pictures. Truthfully, we were quite bummed out because we had this image in our head and well, sometimes, reality is just a bummer. An hour and a half later, our excitement had gradually faded, we were now sitting in silence. We were nowhere near Ubud and the traffic was quite bad. The heat was starting to get to us and i could have sworn you could cook a perfectly well done steak on top of my head. It was noon. We had a lot of people looking and wooing at us, probably thinking to themselves: Two crazy bitches under the scorching sun. What were they thinking?

“Pak, can you please put the roof up again?”
“No. We have to stop the car.”

For a moment, we were contemplating if this was a bad idea. Surely, we did not think this through.

“Babe, panas.” “I know. I am melting.” “I want Ice cream.”


And so we did stop for an ice cream and the roof was up and we could breathe again. But the damage has been done and there is no way turning back.

When we arrived in Ubud, it was as though we had stepped into another world: the ocean is out of sight and now, it was only a bed of green that encircled us and it was delightful. Ubud is truly magnificent. The view of the terraced rice paddies were just breathtaking. It kinda reminds me of Kedah but i have not been to Kedah for aeons but i reckon, the vibe is still very different.


So we went to Tegallalang Rice Terrace for a photo. I guess we were too dehydrated: having the sun roasted our skin and soul as though we were nothing but a piece of marinated meat: which somehow, reminds me of their local delicacy: babi guling. We wanted to just go home and take a long shower.


So we checked into Tejaprana Resort & Spa. Another magnificent hotel. A love at first sight. The trip  from Uluwatu to Ubud cost us about 80 USD. You can tell by now that if you are a backpacker, this is probably the worst blog you could possibly read.


A photo taken from Google

Beautiful was truly an understatement. This time, we were surrounded by tall trees and bushes. We had a small pool and a gazebo overlooking this beauty. A beautiful and perfect place for you to unwind. Once in a while, it feels so great to have this sort of escapism. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from whatever you are doing and take a breather. You deserve it!

So I took a shower and when i was staring at myself in the mirror, i literally screamed. Look at my skin. I am….maroon. Always wear your sunblock ladies and gentleman, otherwise you will turn into a maroon beast. I had a horrible sunburn and a few days after i got back from Bali, i had a family vacation in Chiang Mai and you have no idea. My skin started peeling off and it was horrible. So SUNBLOCK is a must!




The next morning, we wanted to catch the sunrise so we were up at 5.30 am. We put on our swimming suit and had gone into the ice cold water just for a picture.  Oh you know, the things you do just to get a good picture. It is not uncommon, right. Everyone does it. You cannot tell but i was shivering. In all honesty, I did not mind waking up to this everyday; the undoubtedly fresh air, the beauty of nature and misty mornings like this until i saw this….


Is that a bug? Is that an elephant? Who knows.


This blue dress is from @graecollection on instagram. I love off shoulders. And i think, it is truly a vacation essential.

Another tip is to always bring extra cash with you. Also, Bali has a lot of money changers. They are pretty much at every corner and that is great but do not be fooled. Some of them are scammers and i guess, the right way is to survey those places and only find the ones who seem legit.  And always compare their rates!

I must say, Ubud is a must go place when you are in Bali. I fell in love with Ubud and i cannot wait to go there again!


HOTEL: about MYR600++ per night

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