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Bali ’16, Seminyak

Before November ’16, I had gone to Bali once for a family vacation. About a week after we left, there was a bombing that killed 20 innocent lives and left 129 injured. I was still a gauche teenager then and unfortunately, the only memory I had of Bali was an elderly Indonesian woman who was half naked by the beach. I am glad that the memory has faded almost entirely because truthfully, it was not a beautiful image and now, when i think of Bali, I would reflexively think of the beautiful villas we stayed, the beautiful people we met, the unusually massive bugs, the terrible sunburn on my shoulders, the misty mornings in Ubud and of course, my beautiful friend, Syaira.


After about three hours flight, we had arrived in Bali close to midnight. We were headed for our cheap Airbnb accommodation for the night. It was a pretty decent boxy room with no windows. Frankly, i am claustrophobic but i guess, that night, i was too exhausted to even feel anything. The next morning, we packed our things and had our breakfast at Nalu Bowls for our smoothie bowls! WE LOVED OUR SMOOTHIES SO MUCH  that we had to go there again the next day. It is no wonder that Nalu Bowls is one of the most visited places in Bali. The food is great and hey, it is totally instagram-worthy.  I mean, look at the colours of our breakfast.



Later that afternoon, We UBER-ed ourselves back to the B&B, grabbed our suitcases and off we went to our first villa ever. [Aksari Villa, Seminyak] Upon arriving, we were greeted by two lovely ladies at the counter; the lobby itself had insinuated that we will be  having a splendid two nights stay at this place. Our villa was absolutely stunning. We had a private pool next to our bed, (You could literally just roll yourself into the pool); a beautiful bathroom with an outdoor shower; an outdoor bathtub which, we did not use. The villa was beautifully decorated and it reminded me of a spa session thanks to the calming sound of the water fountain and the Balinese décor.


You could find us literally just lying on these sun beds in the morning, under the scorching sun and at night. If it weren’t for the mosquitoes, this would have undoubtedly been my bed. I enjoyed our nights by the pool, just listening to the oldies like La Vie en Rose, Frank Sinatra’s and just savoured every moment under the bed of stars. We talked about life, about love, ambitions, world domination until we were both too tired to even speak. That evening, we had our shower, did our makeup and hair and dressed up for a little fancy dinner at La Mexicola.


When we stepped into the place, we were so amazed by the beautiful décor that the restaurant had to offer. It was so colourful and vibrant and we had the seat overlooking the façade. Frankly, the food was alright and for the price, i do not think it is worthwhile. I’d rather have dinner elsewhere and just come to this place for a drink or some quick bites like nachos or tacos.


After not so satisfying dinner, we were feeling quite weary and headed home. We were told by the two ladies to ONLY TAKE BLUEBIRD TAXIS. But here’s a thing, all of the taxis were blue and their logos were very similar and we were unsure of which was Bluebird so we hailed a blue cab. We were talking to the driver and we were being really nice. WE even contemplated of hiring him again to drive us to Uluwatu until we reached our villa and we saw the taxi fare on the meter. Boy, was it ludicrous! Usually, it would take us about 30 000 rupiah (about MYR10) but this bloody cab was charging us 300 000 rupiah (MYR100) for a less than 10 minutes ride. We did not want to pay for the taxi but we were girls and face it none of us knew Taekwondo, so running is out of the question. Nevertheless, we paid him anyway and were incredibly upset because of that. Later that night, I had instant noodles while we wallowed in our misery and self-pity; simultaneously, feeling beyond grateful that nothing bad had happened.

We told the two receptionists about our encounter and they felt sorry for us later. That night, we came back to this. We laughed so hard! It was truthfully a thoughtful gesture.



The next morning, we had our breakfast at the Cafe Organic. Another hotspot in town. The food was alright. Perhaps, i ordered the wrong thing. The cafe was beautiful, so much green and i loved it.


And we decided to spend our final day strolling around Petitenget. We went to a bar that had a band who was singing some of The Beetle’s songs and we only sang along to Let it Be because we only knew like….three songs. Of course, we even had our foot massage as well and our feet were very oily as the aftermath. It started raining then. So can you imagine having oily feet, and running around under the rain, trying not to slip and die? Do not try that at home.

We came across this gorgeous cafe with an exquisite interior, the Kim Soo. We wanted to buy everything but i ended up buying just the pillowcases that to this day, i have yet to use. It is truly a unique place and every corner of this place is photo worthy.



And that was the end of our time in Aksari Villa, Seminyak. When we had to check out, we were filled with both mixture of sadness and excitement in equal measures: knowing deep in our hearts that we will miss the beautiful villa and the late night pool session so much!

That was a great start to our trip.

Next stop: ULUWATU.

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