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Bali ’16 Last night in Seminyak + Travel solo or with a partner?


After leaving Ubud, we had one more night in Seminyak. We spent our final night in Astana Kunti which was truly a major letdown. The building in its entirety was a bit run down and shabby and we both concurred that the villa needs a little repaint or makeover. But of course, we had spent our night just lying by the pool, devouring our bland Margherita pizza from an Italian restaurant nearby, listening to our songs under the dark sky; we even had a little tanning session under the sun too (in hopes that i could make my tan, (If that is you wanna call it) or sunburn even but to little avail).

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We had our lunch at Batik. We had gone there on our second day in Bali but we had the need to go there again. It was a really gorgeous restaurant that had batik patterns splattered all around it — on the walls, the cushions, the plates; the food was really good and the price was reasonable. Both times, i ordered nasi goreng, which i loved and Syaira loved the Pad Thai. I would recommend sitting outside and people-watch; just taking a break from the chaotic street and watch people pass you by. But this time around, we had decided to bring our driver along with us. He lived an hour away from Ubud in a rural area somewhere, and when we had asked him to join us for lunch, his excitement was apparent. I could have sworn that at once glance,  i saw him licking his plate and it was squeaky clean. There wasn’t even a trace of leftover on his plate.

I have always loved travelling alone – I would just put on my earphones and take a walk around the city with only my thoughts as my companion. It is nice to have someone by your side but sometimes, i tend to appreciate my time alone, which i admit, sometimes a little too much; just me, myself and i + the music + strictly no talking. Once in a while, i yearn for silence. In my case, i yearn for silence every night.  I think, everyone needs to have a solo trip at least once in their lifetime.

You get to know yourself even better

When you are out travelling on your own, you have no other choice but to step out from your comfort zone. You will have to overcome your fears: once upon a time, my fear was to speak to people. I would find ways to find solutions without relying on anyone’s help until i was sent away by my father to study abroad. It is without doubt, if you do not ask, you will be amongst the losers. Also, you will find yourself having to make decisions. So if you are indecisive, travelling alone will put you in that situation where you have no other choice but to make a decision. Even if you have made a wrong one, you will learn to step up to it, take full responsibility for whatever decision that you made because there is no one else to blame but yourself; with that too, you get to learn from your mistakes.

You get to do things YOU want to do 

Have you ever found yourselves in the situation where others’ interests don’t truly correlate with yours but you have no other choice but to stomach their interests? Say, you are a museum lover but your travelling partners are not and they prefer factory outlets and huge shopping malls which you utterly dislike? Travelling is expensive and if you cannot find someone who shares the same interests as you, i reckon, you would only be squandering your time and money. Some people do not have the privilege to travel every year and when they do, i reckon, having a suitable travelling partner is far-reaching. If you could tolerate each other’s interests, that would be brilliant.

Confidence booster

Once you are back from your solo trip, you would realise how you would come back as a different person. The change may not be profound but a little change is still a change. Your confidence heightens and that is by far, one of the most crucial attributes to acquire in life. I think, talking to someone who has little or no confidence is always a major turn off. It is as though they are uncertain of everything and that is not a good thing. You need to build your confidence and career wise, you have no idea how this might help you.

You get to enjoy your own company!!

I believe, solo travelling teaches you to enjoy your own company and to love yourself and concomitantly, you will begin to embrace your flaws. I find this to be a really beautiful thing. I do not mind having little to no friends, i really don’t. I think, once you love yourself, you would not heed what others think of you as well. You are your best friend. And you would realise that there is nothing wrong with sitting at home alone, or having a lunch at a restaurant all by yourself. Besides, you would stop being too reliant on other people and realising that the only person you can trust is yourself.


Solo travelling is great but I have found a partner who is eerily so much like me. Even though we were next to each other the entire time throughout the course of the trip, there were moments where we would just lie down under the bed of stars, and do our own thing and not speak to each other and neither of us would take offence. We respect each other’s me-time and i find that to be a rarity. As much as i love being alone, it is even better to have someone you could share everything with. We had so much fun together and this is a trip of a lifetime. Bali was so good to us. I found a best friend in Bali and it is also a beautiful start to our clothing line, Soleil.

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