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Let 2019 Be The Year For Your Passion

First and foremost, happy new year to all my loyal readers. As we all know and so needless to say but I want to say it anyway – time does fly too quickly doesn’t it? Terrifying to say the least. As we devote ourselves to secure a better place for us in the future, I surmise, we are unknowingly neglecting our present. After all, the future is today. Sometimes, we tend to forget to live in the moment and appreciate the present so much that looking back, you would find yourself in utter remorse – thinking of the things that you could have or should have done. Truth to be told, tomorrow is uncertain and today is what you are being given. While you are so engrossed in wanting to achieve your goals, you are unaware that you are simultaneously, squandering your time away on the uncertainties; you forget to appreciate the people you surround yourself with today knowing that forever isn’t a fact and worse, you tend to forget to be happy… What good is life if you can’t be happy with what you do.

A lot can change within the course of a year. How the people that you once thought you could live without are no longer in the picture. Or how you could hardly recognise the person you once were at the beginning of the year. Or how your outlook on life is transformed in its entirety. We are all work in progress and that’s what is great about life. Just when we thought we know everything, the universe is telling you otherwise. And for that, it’s a complete absurdity to judge someone by their past.

What have you achieved so far? I reckon, how the public opinion defines success should not matter as long as you are passionate and happy with what you do. I hope your passion is expansive and tenacious enough to bring you to places that could make you feel proud and content. I hope you will find what you are passionate about and I hope that it is so immense that you would find yourself doing just about anything and not expecting anything in return. Because you are not in to collect rewards but simply, to share with the world what you have to offer that no one else can; to make the world a slightly better place, to make your life more meaningful. Sure, you will have to endure an endless amount of impediments to get to where you want to be but at least, you get to enjoy doing it. At least, I did despite many failures. I get to laugh about it afterward.

I believe, integrity should define success – the fact is, not everyone has the courage to follow their dream or passion because sometimes, the route that they would like to opt for doesn’t always go hand in hand with what the society deems to be worthy. Like when you are good at baking but your family wants you to be a doctor for the sake of stable income. It takes integrity to choose your passion over something that could give you impressive title and personal gratification. That, my friends, is success to me. Success doesn’t always have to be in the form of materials or how much money you have. Define your own success. Don’t let others define how your life should be because the only person that could play the role of being you is you. Save yourself from all those incessant justifications you need not do. Do take advices but don’t let other people rule you. It is okay to listen to yourself and though, often, it might be contradictory but you’ll learn to find the balance and follow it towards what is good.

So here’s to 2019: Let it be the year filled with passion. Let it be the year we could find our true self. Let it be the year filled with mistakes because you know, you are taking a step closer to become stronger, wiser and simply, the better version of you. Don’t be afraid to discover your passion. Don’t be afraid to be different and live differently than what the society is accustomed to.

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