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An unexpected encounter on V-day.

Like any other day, Valentine’s day is just another day for Farrace and I. Sure, for the first few years, we would be celebrating it at a high-end restaurant and he would be surprising me with some roses and it was good while it lasted. Along the years, i have come to realise that Valentine’s day is just like any other day for us. And surely, it does not have to be extravagant? I remember going to Troika for fine dining and i did not even enjoy every bit of it except for the sensational view of the Twins. We ended up going to mamak afterward because we were still very much famished and i reckon, with respect, while some could appreciate fine dining, my fat ass simply couldn’t stand it. I guess, dad made a perfectly good point, which i definitely rephrase;

“What’s the point of spending so much on food? At the end of the day, it will turn to poop anyway.” Wise man, they say.

This year, we had absolutely no plans to celebrate the V-day. We were famished, as usual and Farrace was like, “Let’s find some place that is cheap and good,” and i could not think of anything else at that moment and for some reason, i was yearning for A&W. I am not much of a fast food lover but to be entirely honest with you, i prefer A&W over McDonald’s anytime! And at that moment, it seemed like a brilliant decision. Off we headed to A&W, and as i was enjoying my waffles, an old lady came to us.

“Happy Valentine’s day!”

“Ah, thank you aunty.”

“How do you say that in Malay? Selamat Hari Kekasih?”

“Yeah, that sounds about right.”

I thought, she was about to sell us roses like they usually do on that day but she was selling jackfruits. She could not walk straight, she was limping and had her umbrella to support her bodyweight. On top of that, it was an undeniably scorching day.

“Aunty, shouldn’t you be resting? Please rest.”

“Nah, I have knee injury. It’s Chinese New Year. I have to find money.  My children have their own family to take care of and i have no choice.What to do?”

“You know you’re their family too. They should prioritise you. You’re their mother.”

I guess, i should have just kept my mouth shut considering that i know absolutely nothing about her or her family but i guess, my mouth tends to act quicker than my brain.

“I can’t really say. It’s hard when it comes to family.”

She looked at Farrace, gave him a smile and said,

“You are so lucky to have such a charming wife.”

I almost choked on my saliva.

“I pray that you both have children this year.”

No aunty, please don’t….

“We are not married yet aunty,” I laughed, anxiously.

“What?! I hope that you’ll get married this year then.”

Great. I just gave her a smile and pretended that a part of me did not just die hearing that.

Will her prayer be answered?

I do not know.

I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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