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8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Japan.

It has been two years since my last visit to Japan and every time someone talks about going there, I get a rush of excitement and also, a tad envy. Truthfully, before I visited Japan, I was not entirely sure what I was expecting. Sure, I knew it was going to be full of historical sites, which I love but little did I know that Japan has so much more to offer than just its magnificent histories. Here are 8 reasons why everyone should visit Japan :

The Food! Obviously…

I am sure you’d see this coming but really, the food is to die for. Ever since Japan, it is so hard for me to find a good Matcha dessert or a sushi place. When you have tasted the best of the best, surely, you’ll always feel like nothing is ever good enough. The sashimi is unbelievably fresh, the sushi is magical and their desserts are simply, spectacular and their Kobe beef could be the death of me. What more can I say? I love how innovative the Japanese are when it comes to food but then again, they are admirably innovative in every way. When I go to Japan again, it is all going to be about the food!

Japan is a safe country.

It is unsurprising that Japan is often ranked as one of the top ten safest countries to travel in the world. It is something I, as a woman is not accustomed to; to be able to walk around safely all by myself without having to fear for my life especially being born and raised in a country where the crime rate is pretty high. In Japan, it amazes me how people could just leave their mobile phones and their laptops and belongings on the table, unattended, whilst they queue for their food or go for toilet breaks.

The Shinkansen (bullet train) and the efficient public transport.

Travelling across the country is so trouble-free when in Japan. You won’t have to worry if the transport will arrive late or will they be arriving at all. Throughout our time in Japan, there wasn’t a time where the train or the bus would be arriving even a second later than the scheduled time. Also, I love how the Shinkansen makes going from one corner of Japan to another seem so easy. More about the shinkansen here and here.  

Japan is so clean even the fish can live in their drainage canal

Ironically, despite how difficult for us to find a dustbin, yet, we could barely even find any litter on the streets. It is almost impossible. Every inch of Japan is so clean even its drainage canals have fishes in them. I have seen online videos of it before but I was even more amazed when I was strolling by the drainage canal and seeing how pristine the water was. And no matter where you are, their public toilets are so clean you wouldn’t mind sleeping in there.  

The Japs

It amazes me how systematic everything is in Japan. I love how every soul helps contribute to ensure that system runs smoothly. I love how they would queue when they are waiting for the bus, or everything else without having to be told or yelled at; I love how regardless of how crowded it gets, in a train, for instance, they always tend to abide by the rules, which means paying attention to social codes, etiquettes as well as manners even if it is bothersome. I love how they would stand on one side of the elevator without blocking others who are in hurry; I love how they would not litter; I love how if you lose your passport or any of your personal belongings, there are high chances that you might find it back. I love how when we were lost, this person who couldn’t speak English, led us all the way to the place we wanted to go when he was actually going to the opposite side. I was told by a few of my friends that they experienced the same thing – how the Japs would usually go all out just to help you. Their hospitality is simply unbeatable.

The Historical Sites

Surely, being one of the oldest countries in the world, it has plentiful to offer when it comes to history and it is all the more reason for everyone to visit Japan.

The Cherry Blossom Season / Autumn in Japan

I have yet to experience the sakura season because we were during the autumn season and I would imagine it to be nothing short of magical. Autumn is simply stunning in Japan.

The Onsen (Hot Spring)

Japan is blessed with plentiful of hot springs! Unfortunately, we were in Japan in the beginning of winter and the thought of bathing under the cold weather is chilly enough for me. But should i be there again, i won’t miss the onsen this time!

I can honestly think of more reasons ; like how beautiful the neon lights are at night, or how stunning the alleys are… And I can’t wait to be back in this beautiful country again.

As for now, i can’t wait for my upcoming adventure! Stay tuned xx

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