7 Things You Should Do Before You Travel

If you are planning for a trip to somewhere, i could almost feel the frustration. Surely, it is absolutely wonderful to have the opportunity to travel — going to foreign places, savouring their local delicacy,  etc etc but when it comes to planning the trip, i’d say, not so much? I reckon, it would be so much easier if i were to possess a billion dollar in the bank but in the meantime, yeah, it’s a tad frustrating to find a hotel that you so much love only to be reminded that to stay one night at that hotel means being homeless and having to eat grass for the rest of the trip.


I can understand why anyone would want to fly at night. Cheaper? Sure. But to arrive to your destination at midnight isn’t really a brilliant idea especially for just girls or if you are travelling solo. Despite the high chances that you’ll get murdered or kidnapped, the cabs are pretty expensive at night. More, you’ll probably have to spend a night at some hotel unless you plan to stay awake until your check-in time which is undeniably unpleasant. And there goes your first day of your trip – snoring hideously in the hotel room. How memorable…. Another thing to note is that if you are flying with budget airlines, there is a high chance that your flight will get delayed. Our 10 pm flight to Bali was delayed up to 4 am in the morning and it was an utter nuisance. On the other note, i always take night flights if the flight takes about half a day or more.


When it comes to booking for my trip, i would never do things last minute. I had one experience in Bali where i was freaking out because we did not have a place to stay for the night we were due to arrive no thanks to complete indecisiveness and absolute procrastination. Fortunately for us, the night flight was delayed until the next morning. But i’d say, don’t risk it. The thing is, if you do things last minute, you’ll end up with unnecessary expenses and crippling anxiety. And also, if you book early, you will have more options to choose from and as you get closer to the date, you’ll realise the good ones will no longer be available. If you have a partner that does things last minute, it’s best for you take control. Although, if you would like to risk it, some say that booking your hotel at the very last minute, say 24-48 hours before check-in would be slightly cheaper but i don’t think my anxiety will let me do that in peace.


I am sure, booking an accommodation is a piece of cake. However, you might regret it once you get there. I remember how awfully pissed dad was to book a “Riverview Hotel” only to arrive there and realised that there was definitely no river unless you call a drainage canal a river. Before booking, i will make sure to always read the reviews on tripadvisor. Pictures can lie. I reckon, this is the least fun part but an excruciatingly significant one. You will find out if the rooms are too small, or if the noise is too profound, the precise location and in majority of the times, i will always end up with one or two choices out of a hundred due to the reviews. Importantly, you get to learn quite a few things too from previous travellers — closest bus station, best restaurant nearby.


It might cost you a little more but it is definitely the solution to the unpleasant surprises that might arise. When i was planning for my trip to Japan, i remember changing hotels for about ten times and it did not cost me a cent.


I love going on AirBnb because how else can you rent the entire terrace overlooking a view with the same price as a standard room in Hilton? I love scrolling down to the very last page because you will be amazed with what you can find. But the thing to note is to always check on the location. You wouldn’t want to end up in a middle of no where with no easy way to get around unless that is the kind of travelling you are going for or to put simply, if you are a serial killer.


I love going on other people’s social media and seeing the places they travel to. I will then list them down for my upcoming trip. The restaurants, the cafes, things to do. Sure, it is nice to go to touristy places but it would be nicer to unravel the hidden treasures. Every time i go for a trip, i will have the list of places that i need to go in my phone and that way, i would not find myself squandering my time in the hotel room. And of course, i will have a day or two with no activities but to just walk around and hope that we will stumble upon something majestic. The unexpected finds are always the best.


If you are keen on taking good photographs, do plan your attire. To do that, plan your itinerary and check out the places you want to go to beforehand, and start planning your outfit! That way, you will not end up overpacking. Hopefully so…




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